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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tar Creek in the Los Padres National Forest

Starting the 2013 hiking season off early this year we decided to go and check out some of the nearby Los Padres National Forest outside the Fillmore area.  This hike took us up to the edge of the Sespe Condor Reserve so we were hopeful that maybe we would see a California Condor.  This hike also promised some natural pools where, if you were brave enough, you could jumb 20' or upt  80'!

After a 20 or so minute drive along a dirt road that is used to get to oil drilling sites we arrived at the parking lot.  We got our gear together and started up the trail. The hike would start out uphill to get to the top of the ridge but then start to descend into the valley towards the creek bed. 

Our Group getting ready to go!
Here are some of the views that we saw along the way.

The trail is very easy to follow but a little washed out in some areas.
Washed out section of trail.  Trail continues in upper right of photo

 Once we got down to the creek bed we followed it for about 15 mintues till we found the first set of pools
.Rock Scrambling down we were able to look back and the cascades.
Then another 20 minutes further of rack scrambling and hopping we got to the 80' falls.
Then we hiked back.  The way back was not as difficult or time consuming as expected since we basically knew the way back and already had done the route once.  There is rumored of a 200' falls further down the creek but that will have to wait for the next trip out there.

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