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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mt. Whitney Successful Lottery Notification

Today I got an email from saying that my lottery application for 2013 was successful!  We have a weekend date in mid July for 2 nights!  The plan will be to pick up our permit on Saturday, head up to horseshoe meadows campground for Saturday night, relax there, acclimate to the altitude, and MAYBE a short hike.  The next day, pack up, head to Whitney Portal, and begin the 2 day trek. 

The plan will be to hike to trail camp, spend the night, the next day, hike to the summit and then back to trail camp where will we relax and spend the night again.  The next morning, break camp and head home!

So now that we have a date, it is time for all the planning, prepping, and training!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Upcoming 2013 Trips

So its been awhile since I have updated this blog.  I have been slowly getting back out on the trail after the short days and the long cold nights have hindered my time on the trail.  I left a few posts back talking about all the plans the new year had to offer.  Here are where all the plans stand as of now;

First up on the list of adventures is possibly making the summit of Mt. Baldy this weekend!  While I have already done this hike last year, it will be early in the hiking season to attempt this 4200' Elevation gain.  I am excited and I know that I can do it, it's just a question of if I take my full pack or opt for the simple hydration pack.

My hiking group and I have Submitted applications for the Mt. Whitney Lottery so we are all anxious to hear back from that sometime this week.  We chose dates heavy on the Monday's and Sundays hoping that we will have a better shot to get our preferred date.  Our group chose to attempt it in 2 nights so this is going to be a 4 day adventure; one day at Horseshoe meadows, the next day at trail camp, summit the following day and spend the last night at trail camp, then return to the car and home the next day.  I have found a great deal of  information and useful trip reports along with a live webcam of Mt. Whitney at

Coming the 2nd week in April will be our Zion National Park trip.  We have campground reservations for the 12-15 and in that time we are going to hike angels landing, maybe take a trip up the 15 to Bryce National Park, and then camp the last night and head home!

Our entire hiking season is basically geared around training for Mt. Whitney.  To name a few of the hikes that are going to hit, San Jacinto, San Gregonio, White Mt.